Asset optimization services

Solutions to increase asset performance and profitability

Improved revenue and performance

As a true lifetime service partner, Siemens Gamesa has pioneered fleet upgrades that combine innovation and operational excellence. Our engineer-driven Annual Energy Production (AEP) upgrades, wind turbine retrofits, and other optimization solutions have been developed to meet your needs.

You can take advantage of our operational expertise to support the superior performance of your older fleets. Our aftermarket solutions support and grow the performance while prolonging the lifetime of wind turbines, delivering high reliability for decades to come.

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EnergyUp™ options for boosting energy production

AEP features and solutions that deliver improved performance in terms of availability, reliability, power efficiency and flexibility.
Effective support to safely unlock all assets production potential enabling them to capture even more revenue.

Partial Range

Controller software optimizing the performance of aging wind turbines below the rated power.
Tailor-made components and controller software to improve blade aerodynamics, thereby increasing power production.


Improving D3 platform control logics to increase the rated power.
Increasing the power production of the onshore and offshore turbines by raising the output under certain operating conditions.
An improved function of Power Boost for Offshore turbines.
Transfers state-of-the-art technology into older turbines to achieve higher power ratings.

Cut Out

Maximizing performance beyond the standard cut-out wind speed to extend the operation time during high wind speed conditions.
Software feature allowing onshore and offshore turbines to catch more wind during high wind event.

Power Curve

Updates older wind turbines with current algorithms and strategies.
Bundle of performance-enhancing software features that increase AEP for existing Senvion wind turbines.

Cold Climate

Reliable detection system maximizing turbine’s performance under icy conditions and allowing longer and safer operating time.
Intelligent pitch control optimizing performance in icy conditions.


Reducing wake losses of offshore wind farms. Available soon for onshore wind farms.

Life Extension program:
Adding 10 years of income

The Life Extension program consists of monitoring and structural upgrades that can guarantee the safety and availability of your wind turbines as they move beyond 30 years of operation, giving greater control over maintenance expenses and streamlining the cost of energy.


Main feature

  • Benefit from our flexibility and adaptability by choosing long-term Service Programs that ensure streamlined revenues over time

  • Wind turbine generator fatigue assessment: helps you make a better-informed decision on financing, asset sales, upgrading or repowering

  • Site assessment over the design lifetime that also includes a proposed list of inspections, repairs or upgrades

  • On demand inspections and/or repairs

  • Retrofits that reduce cost with upgraded parts, incorporating the latest state-of-the-art tech



The Siemens Gamesa Life Extension Program is available for the G4X, G5X, G8X and G2 platforms.

Wind Farm

Performance Control


Our performance analytics and diagnostics are designed to safeguard the control of your fleet and help you to maximize your O&M capabilities through advanced insights and solutions like SCADA upgrades.

SCADA Upgrades
Reliable control and supervision of wind farm assets to ensure a sustainable power supply to the grid while collecting valuable data from the wind farm.

Visual Based Asset Integrity
Web-based platform that provides a complete overview of blade conditions and actionable advice, by combining artificial intelligence technology, engineering assessment, and expert knowledge.

Condition Monitoring and Vibration Diagnostics
Top-level drive train damages detection capabilities, which allow increased first-time increased first-time fix rates, better planning, and less operational costs.

Cybersecurity and Compliance


Gain peace of mind with our cybersecurity and grid compliance tools.



To maintain control of park operation and prevent sensitive data from being compromised, robust cybersecurity is critical at all stages of a SCADA system. Siemens Gamesa has created a dedicated portfolio of cybersecurity solutions for protecting critical assets and ensuring the stability of power production.


Grid compliance

Trust us to monitor and ensure that your fleet complies with applicable regulations and grid codes, no matter where your wind turbines are based.



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