Spares and repairs for wind turbines

Flexible solutions to support performance and reduce downtime

Keeping your turbines up and running, whatever the issue

Safeguarding the productivity of your assets can be done in different ways – one of them being the easy and quick access to necessary high quality spare parts and repairs. Wind turbine components suffer from wear and tear like all other machinery – and as OEM, we have the technical knowledge supported by remote diagnostic data to detect when and which spares are needed. We know when underperformance is an indication of a quality issue and we can avoid major issues before they impact your business case. 

Siemens Gamesa has the global scale and operational experience to support you wherever you need us, and a comprehensive portfolio of spares (new and refurbished), repairs, reconditioning services as well as advance main component exchange processes – all built on the highest safety and quality standards. A repairs expert you can rely on to deliver a solution long before it might become necessary. Get the most out of your turbines, all the time.

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Global scale and operational experience to support you

When it comes to servicing your wind turbines, you need a partner you can trust. Someone with enough experience and analytical expertise to alert you ahead of time that a critical component needs replacement. Who you can consult when evaluating whether to go with that new or reconditioned spare part.

Whether your fleet numbers in the tens or hundreds, Siemens Gamesa’s service portfolio is broad and flexible enough to meet your needs. Leverage our decades of experience maintaining our own fleets and those of others. Tap into our specialized knowledge of data analytics to detect underperformance and avoid major issues before downtime occurs.

Upgrade or recondition? Repair or replace? When parts break down, you have choices, and Siemens Gamesa provides options.

Rest assured that all works will be performed at the highest standards of safety and quality.




Reliable one-stop shop for your spares sourcing needs

Getting you a spare part when you need it is why we maintain one of the largest inventories in the industry of new and reconditioned parts worldwide. If you have a part which is not in our spare part catalogue, we’ll inform you on the alternative available. Our goal is to supply you with a workable solution in the shortest time possible.

Reach out to us for:

  1. Customized forecasting capabilities and spare parts set-up to meet your needs
  2. High quality original or refurbished parts, when and where you need them
  3. Competitive prices for Siemens Gamesa and other technologies

Soon you will be able to easily find and order new and refurbished spare parts via our e-commerce Shop, currently in development.





Comprehensive, accurate, and smart inspections
Examining your turbines regularly helps ensure that they remain in optimal working order.

This is increasingly important for turbines installed in especially challenging conditions and climates. Siemens Gamesa’s innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions allow you to monitor your critical components and safeguard their availability during their design lifetime and beyond.

Drones, camera monitoring, telescopes, and advanced analytics are among the tools we use to provide you with early detection of potential issues. That way, you can strategically plan repairs to keep downtime at an absolute minimum.

Timely and cost effective repair and reconditioning solutions worldwide
If a component breaks down, your top priority is to get your turbine back in operation as soon as possible.To facilitate this, we provide expert repair and overhaul services for both major and minor turbine components.

From electrical, electronical, hydraulic and mechanical minor parts to gearboxes, generators, and blades, we’ve got you covered.

Leverage our comprehensive portfolio of high quality, innovative, and timely repairing solutions to ensure that your turbines are back in operation in the shortest time possible.

Maintaining the structural integrity of your wind turbine is key to preventing catastrophic failures. Our cost-efficient repair procedures safeguard your turbine now and in the future.

Regardless of where your site is located and what brand your major and minor components are, you can count on us. We can either come to you to perform repairs uptower or work on your components at one of our globally distributed repair centers.

Repaired and reconditioned components to

support a sustainable and circular economy

Generating clean energy uses a lot of materials. As a service partner with a circular economy mindset, we will always aim to increase the lifetime of wind turbines and their components and reduce your environmental footprint.

By choosing to use repaired and reconditioned components, you reduce the consumption of raw materials, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and accelerate our shared transition to a more sustainable future.




The benefits of choosing
Siemens Gamesa:

  • One-stop shop for your spare parts and consumables
  • Over 40 years of experience servicing wind turbines
  • Lifetime partner with a consultative approach
  • Repair and reconditioning services for most major and minor components used in turbines
  • Comprehensive and best-in-class repair service options
  • Diagnostic services
  • Multibrand repair capabilities portfolio
  • Component exchange programs
  • Extended component warranty
  • Repair centers across the globe
Discover service excellence and world-class maintenance
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