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The power of diversity

Diversity is our true energy, that will enable us to lead the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

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The global renewable energy industry is growing at a faster rate than ever, creating more and more jobs throughout its supply chain requiring a diverse range of skills and experiences. The wind industry’s talent recruitment and hiring practices should reflect the industry’s role in driving sustainable and inclusive growth around the world by tapping into the widest pool of talent which can hone its competitiveness and place wind energy at the forefront of innovation.

Our principles

We believe in a culture that respects and values differences, that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, and that allows people to contribute with their maximum potential to the global success of the company.

The power of diversity
Gender equality

In 2020 we put in place an aspirational target that in 2025, 25% of our workforce and senior managers would be women, and we have since committed to a longer term aspiration of 30% by 2030.

How we're getting to 25/25

  • In all selection and nomination processes for management positions, we require a gender-balanced shortlist of candidates
  • We rely heavily on recruiting skilled people from STEM backgrounds (science, technology, engineering and math). We continue our efforts to improve our industry's appeal to women through education initiatives, which include programs for inspiring young women


Persons with disabilities

We work every day to remove visible and invisible barriers and promote a culture of inclusion, awareness and equal opportunities to support and empower persons with disabilities.

  • We encourage our internal and external hiring managers to collaborate with relevant organizations of persons with disabilities which attract applications from jobseekers with disabilities.
  • We make all necessary adjustments to maximize the ability of the employees with a disability to perform the job.
Our LGTBI+ Community

We want everyone to feel included and valued regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

  • Our Inclusive Language Guide is intended as an evolving tool to learn about and use inclusive language in our daily interactions. It includes principles of inclusive language in the areas of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic identity, disability and age.
  • Our Self-Identification Survey complete the picture of our workforce across diverse dimensions including gender identity and sexual orientation
Cultural diversity

We are committed to having a workforce that is broadly representative of our customer base and the communities we serve, which entails not only the creation of opportunities under which underrepresented groups can participate on equal terms, but also action specifically aimed at increasing their presence at all levels.

  • In making nominations to management positions the company does not apply quotas and no posts are reserved for nationals of any specific country, except where specific regulations provide otherwise. Furthermore, the nationality of a departing post-holder may not be a factor in the appointment of a new occupant of a senior management position.
  • Our Equal Opportunities Standard is a formal manifesto that sets out Siemens Gamesa’s commitment to combating against inequalities, discrimination and social exclusion and promotes an inclusive culture free of bias and discrimination.
  • Our Prevention of workplace Harassment and Discrimination Standard declares that no form of intimidation, harassment or discrimination on the basis of any protected characteristic will be tolerated.
Age diversity

Age-diverse teams are valuable because they bring together people with complementary abilities, skills, information, and networks. If managed effectively, they can offer better decision-making, more-productive collaboration, and improved overall performance.

  • We promote inclusive recruitment practices and awareness-raising to break down unconscious bias and stereotypes against younger and older job applicants.
  • We offer inclusive leadership training to our leadership team across the globe highlighting the role inclusive leadership plays in advancing our ability to attract, select, develop and retain a diverse workforce. Beyond raising awareness about inclusivity and unconscious bias, the training motivates and educates our colleagues to build inclusive, high-performing teams.


Equal opportunities for employees with family responsibilities

We believe that flexible working helps to achieve the right work-life balance. Our flexible working framework, Smart Working, establishes general measures such as teleworking and flexible working hours to support productivity, promote diversity and inclusion, and especially equal opportunities for employees with family responsibilities.

  • Since 2019 the company has focused on embedding Smart Working – ensuring that suitable employees are able to work in a way that enables them to balance a successful career with commitments outside of work. Smart Working allows employees to work at home, on the road or in a satellite location part of their working week. It is also acceptable that the working schedule is reasonably flexible and can be customized to individual needs.
  • We also recognize and encourage the right of employees to disconnect from their work and to feel as though they do not have to answer any work-related emails, calls, or messages outside of normal working hours.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

Our Diversity and Inclusion Calendar looks at marking particular topics each month in order to promote, through awareness and action, an inclusive work environment where every individual, each with rights and responsibilities, has an active role to play in an environment that is stable, safe, just and tolerant, respects diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity.



Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
connects directly to our broader ESG strategy

We know where we want to be in 2030 and we direct our action to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by creating fair and inclusive workplaces and communities. We focus our efforts on:

Our impact
In support of Women's Empowerment Principles established by the UN Women and the UN Global Compact Office
In support of Standards of Conduct for Business Tackling Discrimination Against LGTBI People established by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Included in Bloomberg Gender Equality Index since 2020.
Named Top LGTBI Diversity Company 2021 by Diversity and Inclusion INTRAMA Awards.
Member of Target Gender Equality established by the UN Global Compact.
Founding Member of Windclusion Alliance, global alliance promoting inclusion and diversity in the wind industry.
Member of REDI, network of Spanish companies in support of LGTBI Diversity and Inclusion.
Member of ECDI, Network of Spanish companies in support of Diversity and Inclusion.
Signatory of the Diversity Charter, established by the European Commission.
Together for change – our global network
The Global Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board is the governing body that sets the tone and direction for Siemens Gamesa diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities. It is comprised of senior business and regional leaders who influence, engage and promote initiatives in their respective units and areas.
Women@SGRE is an inclusive group for people of all backgrounds within Siemens Gamesa who support women empowerment. Women@SGRE constantly looks for ways to be active in the community, women's professional organizations and global conferences/events.
The LGBTI Network brings our LGBT community and allies together for networking, mentoring and information sharing.
Global in nature, our approach includes collaboration between Regional D&I Councils. Comprised of volunteers at regional / country level, they identify and implement local initiatives relevant for their region and support the implementation of the global diversity initiatives at regional level.


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