Over 100 boys and girls in Mexico learn about clean energy

Siemens Gamesa Volunteer Program

Mexico City / 27 December 2019

What is clean energy? How should we take care of the environment? What can be done to mitigate global warming? These are some of the questions addressed in the workshops involving 138 boys and girls and taught by the Siemens Gamesa Volunteer Program for Education in Mexico.

Head Corp Comms & PA Latam
Employees in Mexico took part in the volunteer program for education to teach the first workshop on clean energy and environmental education for children in vulnerable communities with a significant educational lag in the State of Mexico.

The main aim of the Siemens Gamesa Volunteer Program is to contribute to improving the quality of life and the transformation of Mexican communities thanks to the involvement of employees and the company's strong commitment to supporting vulnerable groups.
During the session at least 138 children in different levels of primary education received the basic tools to develop their knowledge of clean energy and environmental awareness and allow them to prevent, mitigate, tackle and/or find a solution to the environmental problems that arise in the daily lives of the community they live in.

The issues discussed included the definition of sustainability, environment, clean and renewable energies, the importance of playing an active part from home within the scope of each person's possibilities and how to be agents of change in favor of the environment.

At the end of the session the children received a kit containing the model of a wind turbine and a book on clean energy created by Siemens Gamesa Latam. These gifts will help them to continue to learn and satisfy their curiosity, and even arouse their parents' awareness of the environment.

This was the first workshop to take place, but it will not be the last, as the program will continue throughout the whole of 2020.

The importance of environmental education derives from the need for children to get involved in research into environmental subjects, resolve environmental problems and participate in informed and responsible decision-making.


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