STEM and robotics education with FIRST LEGO League

Madrid / 21 August 2020

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy launches this school year an in-school program on coding and robotics in alliance with FIRST LEGO League to promote STEM education in the communities where it operates. Starting in Germany, Spain and United Kingdom, students will also have the opportunity to participate in FIRST LEGO League official competitions, as well as in Siemens Gamesa country tournaments.

Technological Education Program Officer

According to the World Economic Forum, 75% of today´s students will work in jobs that don't yet exist. Most of those jobs will be related to technology. That doesn´t mean that every job will require hardcore technology skills, but basic technology skills will be critical for all.

And yet, we are on the brink of a skills gap of unprecedented proportions due to the lack of interest among young people towards science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Promoting early engineering skills
Robots are today what computers were in the 1980s, something that is already starting to change the way we work and live, but still perceived as remote, even futuristic.

As a global technological leader, Siemens Gamesa has a role to play in helping new generations learn the tools that will land them tomorrow's jobs.
LEGO League, an iniciative to learn STEM of a funny way
To attract young people who otherwise might not consider STEM, it is essential to change their perception towards it.

STEM is everywhere in our daily life, so students have every opportunity to learn by doing, and a program that will help them master difficult concepts and learn early engineering skills while having fun, is a great way of turning things around – and one that we fully support.
That´s why Siemens Gamesa has decided to launch an initiative to promote an in-school program on coding, robotics and STEM education in alliance with the world best STEM initiative, the FIRST LEGO League.

This educational robotics program, offered to local schools in the communities where Siemens Gamesa operates, will start this school year in Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom for students aged 8 to 16. Linked to the curriculum, teachers and students will be provided with hands-on STEM learning experiences.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in FIRST LEGO League official competitions as well as in SGRE country tournaments.

In the event of another lockdown, and any disruption to in-person learning, an online coding program is already prepared.

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