Partnerships with purpose: going far together

Bilbao / 10 September 2020

The earth's climate has been in a state of continual change for thousands of years. However, what we are living through today is different. The warming of the planet, if it continues unchecked, will herald catastrophe for millions of people. 

Onshore Chief Regions Officer

Enrique Pedrosa

At the same time, we must recognize we live in a post-industrial world. Rising living standards and population growth have led to increasing demand for energy, and consequently, rising carbon emissions. Todaythe availability of affordable energy is the foundation of prosperity for communities and nations alike. If we want every citizen to have the same opportunities as those in the richest countries, we must ensure that they can access the energy they need without the CO2 emissions of the past.


This is the greatest challenge of our time, and it’s why we believe the solution is a shared responsibility.

A joint effort is needed

Our biggest collective barrier to delivering affordable clean energy for all isn’t technology, financial resources or even imagination. It isn’t even about the cost of transition to a more sustainable energy mix, this is yesterday’s debate. 


Instead, it is fragmented effort, uncoordinated economic and political action, and the lack of a shared purpose to tackle climate change

It is only by working together with like-minded partners that we can unlock the potential of wind to deliver safe, clean, affordable electricity to power economic and social progress for millions.

Partnerships with Purpose is an initiative to showcase the power of partnership

To support our efforts in building out our approach to greater collaboration, we are launching Partnerships with PurposeIt is an initiative to showcase the power of partnership, celebrating our existing relationships and encouraging those who share our values and approach to work together with us.


Deploying large-scale and complex wind energy projects in all corners of the globe requires a shared commitment to innovation, long-term trusted relationships and an understanding of people and community.

The deployment of wind energy requires collaboration
40 years pioneering a decarbonized energy system

For over 40 years, we have pioneered the technologies needed to transition towards a decarbonized energy system. Since installing our first wind turbine in Denmark in 1981, we have led, in partnership with our customers, the global expansion of wind power around the world. 

We believe that partnerships with purpose need to be local and global. The communities in which we work are key partners in powering the energy transition. The deployment of wind energy requires collaboration between the people that deliver on the ground and the communities in which they operate. The green energy industry canunlock many opportunities for local businesses, employment and education.

Our commitment to working with others is part of who we are. It is born of our values, but it also born of necessity when we consider the scale of the journey we have ahead of us.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This African proverb is very apt for today. We need to go far if we are to reverse the catastrophic impact of manmade climate change. Walso need to move at speed. And that is what we are committed to doing, because by forging partnerships with purpose, we can make progress and build a better future.


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