A colossus at sea to prove the limitless possibilities of wind

Madrid / 17 December 2021

When the power of nature and engineering excellence come together, extraordinary things happen. Driven by the desire to tackle the climate crisis, our employees have managed to commission the most powerful offshore turbine currently installed in the world. With a 222-metre-diameter rotor, this colossus comes with record figures: with only 30 of these turbines, we could cover the annual electricity consumption of a city like Bilbao in Spain. The future of wind is here.

Communication Specialist
Since the launch of the SG 14-222 DD back in May 2020, the commissioning of the first prototype in Osterild, Denmark, has been the finish line for a team of close to 270 colleagues who have worked hard on this project amid all the challenges of the pandemic. The manufacturing of the first 108-meter-long blade, transportation to the site, assembling of the nacelle, and the final erection of every piece of this giant turbine have been milestones closely followed by all wind industry followers.

Now, we can reap the benefits of all that effort, because this impressive turbine is already spinning through the harsh Danish winter.
Our largest, most powerful turbine is now spinning in Denmark!
After the installation of the prototype, the team is preparing to ramp up production - making sure every single detail works optimally to be ready for full market deployment from 2024.  This is the first time we have launched a product into the three world markets at the same time: Europe, United States and Asia Pacific. It is developed to be competitive in the low-wind market, high-wind market, low-temperatures, high temperatures and still retain high reliability. And this truly global approach corresponds with an impressive order backlog from different customers in markets as diverse as Taiwan, the United States, or the United Kingdom.
Our industry evolves so fast that we are not even close to the technological limit of where we can go. The following step is the updated SG 14-236 DD, which will feature 115-meter-long blades, with the first prototype expected to be up and running by 2022. The limitless possibilities of wind are embarking us on an infinite journey, and we are enjoying it every step of the way.


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