“It is all about integrating sustainability-thinking into all functions”

Brande / 18 August 2022

We stand at a turning point in history where the actions we take will determine the future of the planet. Siemens Gamesa is responding to the climate crisis with actions and the passion of its employees is the driving force to behind them. Jonas Pagh Jensen is a perfect example of this. His passion for everything related to sustainability is truly a driver of the green energy revolution!

Corporate Affairs Department

Jonas Pagh Jensen has worked at Siemens Gamesa for eight years, and has always focused on roles that support the company’s sustainability activities. Over these years he has grown an increasing interest in sustainability and in 2018 he finished an industrial Phd in Environmental Engineering, exploring how companies integrate sustainable thinking into how they operate.  

At the same time, in 2018, work began on the RecyclableBlade project.  This project has now resulted in the world’s first recyclable wind turbine blade, a huge milestone as the number of installations and turbine sizes continue to increase, highlighting the importance of reducing the amount of waste left at the end of their lifetime.

Jonas Pagh Jensen

Jonas had an inspirational role in this project from its very beginning, from the point of conception right through to its implementation, working closely with the many teams involved in the project across every stage of its development.  At each turn his main concern was driving the idea into a marketable solution for the industry.  

“The RecyclableBlade is a bit of a special project, I think, because it is somehow a bottom-up project,” explains Jonas. “It was a group of colleagues and me who met five years ago to discuss the possibility of actually making a recyclable blade. Since then, a lot of people supported the project, but a team of three or four other people along with myself have been there the entire way,” he adds, stating that the project was strongly supported at every level of the company.

Besides this work, Jonas is currently taking the lead in the company’s decarbonization efforts. Making Siemens Gamesa a champion within decarbonization and enhancing its carbon-neutral vision is one of his goals for the future.

“For me, it is all about integrating sustainability-thinking into all functions. This is my aspiration and my hope. I don’t want to be just in a sustainability department, I want everybody to be thinking about sustainability in their jobs, similar to how we do with safety, quality and financial performance,” he explains.

I believe that in a few years, we will start to see sustainability as a differentiator in the tenders we as wind turbine manufacturer compete in. So for me, it’s about being prepared for the future in many ways; both on the commercial side but also in preserving the earth we live on
Jonas Pagh Jensen

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

His work is helping him to carve a distinct profile within the wind industry, and he has now been able to share his passion and work through key sector events such as WindEurope as a guest speaker. There can be no doubt that the future holds great things for Jonas.


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