The first prototype of our largest wind turbine is now fully installed

Blades, hub, nacelle and tower have formed the full SG 14-236 DD


Brande / 24 February 2023

Developing wind technology is not just what we do, it is part of who we are. Built on sound technology, the first prototype of the SG 14-236 DD – the newest member to the Siemens Gamesa offshore wind turbine family – is now being installed at the Danish national test center for large wind turbines in Osterild.

In this series we celebrate the talent behind the machine. Through some of the people on the team we invite you to take a look behind the scenes and learn more about how we assemble one of the largest turbines on earth!

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SG 14-236 DD series: The journey of an offshore prototype
In the first episode of the series we followed the nacelle on its way to the test site.
In the second episode of the series we interviewed Sandra Them, technical product manager for the SG 14-236 DD, during the installation of the last tower section.
In the third episode of the series the nacelle has been installed and placed on top of the tower, a major exercise referred to as ‘the big lift’.
In this fourth episode of the series the blades have left the Aalborg´s factory and are on their way to the test site.

In this fifth episode of the series the prototype wind turbine is fully installed.

In this sixth episode of the series the SG 14-236 DD prototype has produced its first power.
In this series, we have followed the amazing journey of the various components to the test site, and the installation process. Now, the final piece of the puzzle is in place: the blades are now installed, and a complete wind turbine has seen the light of day in Osterild, Denmark.

Rasmus Hvidbjerg Jensen, blades project manager, told us about the development of the blades for this project – and about what it means for the project that the first prototype of our largest wind turbine is now fully installed. His team’s responsibility is to develop and deliver a total of five blades to the turbine project; three blades to be installed at the prototype and two additional blades for test-rig testing.

“One could say that the next generation wind turbine blade is the same as its predecessor, just longer and bigger – and that is true looking at it from a distance. The fact is that we have more engineers working on technology development feeding into our next and new blades designs than we have engineers working on the design of the blades themselves”, explains Rasmus.

What does it mean for you and for the project that the prototype is now ready for installation?  
Arriving at the prototype largest wind turbine fully installation, we see the final result from all modules as the blade, hub, nacelle and tower come together to form the full turbine. We see the work of hundreds of engineers, production workers and others being assembled after months of close cooperation. We have groups involved on almost all continents of the world to make this amazing giant rise up and take its final form.

As one who’s been in the industry for more than two decades, I am amazed to see how large structures we can design, produce and operate with a dedicated technology focus.

A few words on the future?  
As a brand-new engineer before the year 2000, I joined the wind industry because I saw an already great adventure taking place. We already then had super interesting engineering challenges and emerging new technologies under so many different engineering disciplines.

And the thing is that the jobs and the industry have just continued to get more and more interesting on so many parameters – and it doesn’t seem to stop. We are breaking boundaries all the time. The wind industry was once largely dependent on subsidies to be competitive with other energy sources. The subsidies are not needed anymore; the wind industry can now compete without. That, along with the reduced carbon footprint and the independence we get from freeing the ties to oil, gas and coal-producing countries… what’s not to like?


The full journey in images


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