Hybrid power & storage

Hybrid power & storage

More powerful together

Tailor-made to your needs
With the rapid development of renewable energies, we have taken new paths in electricity generation. By applying hybrid power solutions, which combine multiple power generation sources with storage, we go one step further.
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Utilizing synergies of renewable energy generation
Wind farm with photovoltaic system owned by GETEC Green Energy
This GETEC Green Energy wind farm in Zerbst, Germany, is combined with a photovoltaic system
About hybrid power
Hybrid power leverages the advantages of the complementary energy profiles of wind and solar power.

Imagine the possibilities by balancing the energy generated by solar during the day with the wind, which is usually stronger at night. Depending on the location and hourly profile, a hybrid system can optimize energy feed-in, grid stability and capacity factor.

In addition, customers can save costs and achieve a higher energy production by sharing land, grid infrastructure and maintenance services for the different assets.

The hybrid power solution allows for the integration of one or more renewable power generation assets with our tailored energy storage systems – heat or battery storage – adding to the profitability of the project.
Facts and figures
Wind turbines installed
90 GW
Wind turbines installed
Inverters installed
Inverters installed
Solar installation orders
400 MW
Solar installation orders
First hybrid projects
First hybrid projects
Hybrid solutions for on- and off-grid projects
At Siemens Gamesa we apply a hybrid control tool to manage multiple strategies for renewable energy generation in combination with storage. If your project is located in remote areas with an isolated grid, you can choose the Off-Grid solution, for the integrated grid solution select On-Grid.

Off-Grid solutions are a combination of wind, solar and storage operating independently of the power grid. The first pilot power plant “La Plana” was commissioned in 2016. It combines four different energy sources with a battery storage solution, consisting of a lithium-ion battery and redox-flow battery system.

With the On-Grid solution, customers can design their hybrid plant individually and integrate various power generation assets optionally with a storage solution. The first commercial On-Grid hybrid project combines a 29 MW solar system with a 50 MW wind farm and was installed 2017 in India. It was followed by a pioneering wind complex in Australia in 2020, where we combined a 194 MW wind farm with a battery storage system.
The right hybrid and storage solution for your location
South Kent onshore wind farm in Canada
This onshore wind farm is located in South Kent, Canada

A multidisciplinary team takes care of your specific needs and optimizes your business case through technical and economic tools:

  • Generation curve models determine the optimal balance of all assets
  • Micro-siting design of the hybrid plant based on in-house expertise both in wind and solar PV
  • Choose between turnkey or supply and installation offerings
  • Inverters, power conditioning systems ‘battery chargers’, and power electronics are manufactured in-house
  • Advanced output and control technology with Hybrid Plant Controller based on MySite360 and Offgrid Plant Controller
  • Energy Management System and the forecasting tool WEF maximize revenues of hybrid plants
  • Operation and maintenance cost reduction by sharing of resources and infrastructure

Explore different hybrid power plants
Below you find several examples for renewable hybrid power generation realized by Siemens Gamesa.


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