Final piece ready to install largest offshore turbine

The 115-meter blades are on their way to site


Brande / 20 December 2022

Developing wind technology is not just what we do, it is part of who we are. Built on sound technology, the first prototype of the SG 14-236 DD – the newest member to the Siemens Gamesa offshore wind turbine family – is now being installed at the Danish national test center for large wind turbines in Osterild.

In this series we celebrate the talent behind the machine. Through some of the people on the team we invite you to take a look behind the scenes and learn more about how we assemble one of the largest turbines on earth!

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SG 14-236 DD series: The journey of an offshore prototype
In the first episode of the series we followed the nacelle on its way to the test site.
In the second episode of the series we interviewed Sandra Them, technical product manager for the SG 14-236 DD, during the installation of the last tower section.
In the third episode of the series the nacelle has been installed and placed on top of the tower, a major exercise referred to as ‘the big lift’.
In this fourth episode of the series the blades have left the Aalborg´s factory and are on their way to the test site.
In this fifth episode of the series the prototype wind turbine is fully installed.
In this sixth episode of the series the SG 14-236 DD prototype has produced its first power.
For this series, we have followed the journey of the various components to the test site and have taken a look at the installation process. The final piece of the puzzle is now ready: recently, the blades left the factory in Aalborg and began their way to the test site.

Project Manager Finn Brandborg Soerensen was there as these impressive 115-meter components left the production halls. Just to put it into perspective, these components are over seven meters longer than the length of a soccer field.

“In a project like this we are doing a lot of things for the very first time, opening doors to places we have never been before. My most important job is to follow up on all milestones and clear all roadblocks for the team to meet their targets,” explains Finn.

Can you let us in on some of the secrets behind developing a new machine, like the SG 14-236 DD?

Prior to taking our offshore turbines to the next level output in terms of performance, there are a lot of steps and smaller-scale tests of different blades with a new product like this. Also, larger improvements are needed to meet the new demands, e.g., surface structure and added forces on the blades. 

Taking the developments from laboratory to production is part of the prototype development, and for this to happen requires an immense amount of close collaboration in the engineering teams – and that is the absolute key.

A few words on the future?

Our industry – the wind industry – is very young. But our impact on the world and our lives – our sustainability footprint – is already enormous. This industry will only grow bigger, I have no doubt about it!  

During my time here at Siemens Gamesa, I have grown more and more proud of working in this environment, shaping the future for generations to come. We all work because we need to pay the monthly bills, but it is so much better to go to work every day feeling this proud of what we’re doing and knowing that every task is a contribution to a better world.

The full journey in images


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