Turning on the taps in Morocco

SGRE Impact

Siemens Gamesa team helps turn on clean water supply to schools in Morocco

Tangier/ November 6, 2019

  • A Group of rural schools benefited from major upgrades through the installation of water sources and sanitary facilities.

  • Over 200 children will benefit from the success of this project.
Communication Department
SGRE’s Impact project has scored a major success in Morocco through the installation of water supply and sanitary facilities at schools close to the company’s blade plant in Morocco.
A girl uses the new water supply at her school for the first time

The project was started in 2018 and had three main objectives: Firstly, to provide cleanwater to an area with scarce resources, and in particular to local schools. Indeed, most of the children live in walking distance from the schools, but a lack of water at the school was a major issue. Clean drinking water was not readily available, and the school relied on a local well. This water source was in turn badly polluted due to waste disposal..

The second aim of the project, was to provide children in the area proper sanitation facilities to ensure that their school environment was safe. Most of the children did not have access to toilet facilities at school. This meant that many parents were reluctant to send their children to school.

And lastly, the project aimed to raise awareness for all the people in the village of the importance of proper sanitation, water use and efficiency, and education. For most of the villagers in the area, having a direct fresh water source is a luxury they can’t afford. Providing this solution to the area has brought about many advantages. People were trained about the importance of water and how everyday use can be beneficial for their health and that of their children. It was also an opportunity for the parents of the children in the area to hear that their children’s lives were safer at school now they had access to clean water.
Before, I didn’t like coming to school, as there was no water, no toilets, and it was very dirty and old. Now I’m much happier to come to school

A ten year old child at the school

The SGRE Impact team began to install the water pipe connections and facilities in the beginning of the summer in 2019. A group of willing and supportive suppliers helped the team to complete the works in just over 6 months with the contribution of many Siemens Gamesa employees.

“Initiatives such as this have a tremendous impact principally for the community in the region, the children and the teachers, as having access to clean water and functional sanitary equipment is out of reach and quite complicated,” said Mr El Gharoussi Mohamed, Headmaster of Daya schools. “Small things as such are most definitely going to change the daily life for each individual around here so we are thankful Siemens Gamesa chose to support us with this wonderful initiative,” he added.
morocco school
School in Tangier (Morocco) where a clean water supply has been installed
The project was inaugurated on October 8 with the presence of Tangier Blade plant leading team and its management, children and teachers as well as local authorities. The celebration was both educational and fun but most of all, to mark the start of a new school year under the motto: back to school, clean and safe!


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