Scaling up the American wind industry


Taking the next steps to secure a robust U.S. wind industry

Recent American legislation was an important step toward the country’s climate goals, because it provided public incentives for both the manufacturing and production of green energy. However, significant barriers to a healthy, long-term wind industry remain and threaten to weaken the positive effects of the legislation.

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Building a strong, long-term wind industry that provides jobs and other economic benefits, in addition to important climate benefits, requires policymakers to work together across federal, state, and municipal levels to address the significant barriers that remain.

The white paper, “Scaling up the American wind industry,” details the barriers to a robust wind industry as well as key steps that must be taken to remove or mitigate those challenges to the benefit of the U.S. wind industry and global climate efforts. 

The long-term viability of the U.S. wind industry requires policymakers to further prioritize policies that strengthen the industry and enable cooperation among federal, state, and municipal entities.
Jochen Eickholt

Siemens Gamesa CEO

Collaboration across levels as a priority


An efficient, cooperative policy ecosystem must be developed to further reinforce certainty and address the remaining barriers to a sustainable industry. Only then will the United States fully capitalize on the public and private investments that may be made over the next ten years.

Enabling national and global cooperation
Global emissions reductions require the decarbonization of the U.S. energy market to succeed, but the U.S. is not alone. Cooperation and collaboration on a global basis is needed to fully leverage the capabilities of wind energy and thereby address the greatest challenges of our time. 

This white paper also recommends three key goals for policy development on a global scale to address this need. 


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