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Safety and technical trainings under realistic conditions

Siemens Gamesa offers safety and technical training in training centers worldwide: We train in a realistic and safe way with the highest quality, based on our nearly 40 years of experience in the wind industry.
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Our approach

Wind power training built on expertise
Few know the turbine working environment as well as Siemens Gamesa. With our broad knowledge of different turbine technologies both on- and offshore we are very well equipped to deliver any training you need.

We have trained more than 30.000 wind turbine technicians globally either in one of our training centers or as onsite training using our proven onsite training concept. In 2019 we handled more than 30.000 training bookings per year as well as 40.000 e-learnings.

At Siemens Gamesa we strive to deliver training that ensures the best possible learning outcome. We offer a broad range of technical and safety trainings for wind turbines on- and offshore.
We offer customers a flexible and comprehensive portfolio of training solutions designed to train wind specialists to the highest quality and safety standards. Our training web gives you an overview of everything you need to get started. Enjoy the journey and stay safe.

Jacob Frederiksen
Head of Global Training

Siemens Gamesa Training Web

Our locations

From America to Asia: Our training centers worldwide

Our 9 training centers on continents all around the globe are designed to train wind technicians according to the highest quality standards on the market. Our training centers have different focus areas, but all follow our philosophy: High quality and safe training tailored to the needs of our customers

What we offer:

  • Wide range of technical and safety trainings
  • Hands-on training by highly competent & field experienced staff in a realistic wind turbine environment
  • Digital trainings and e-learnings
  • Proven onsite training concept
  • Training Web supporting system for online booking and tracking of qualifications and certificates
  • GWO certified

Our Trainers:

Our trainers are high skilled trainers within specific areas. They all have field experience and continuously undergo training and development in various areas within safety, technical and pedagogical skills.


You will find Siemens Gamesa wind turbines in more than 90 countries around the world. Likewise, you can find a training center near you to improve your skills or those of your technical staff working on onshore or offshore wind turbines

Our learning methods

From virtual to onsite: Different trainings for different needs
Classroom and virtual trainings
At Siemens Gamesa we offer a variety of learning methods matching different qualification needs: For high complexity tasks, we recommend our classroom trainings. Our qualified instructors execute them in one of our training centers or as onsite training allowing your staff to learn in a safe environment. In the classroom, we not only teach theory, but also conduct practical exercises

Virtual trainings are performed in one of our training centers or as onsite training using a variety of different learning technologies
Training of wind power technicians
e-learning for wind energy experts
E-learning and onsite trainings
Our low-threshold budget offer for basic learning content is the e-learning portal. Participants can learn about correct procedures for example when it comes to lifting operations, transfer to a wind turbine offshore, learn about international safety standards and much more. Your employees do not have to travel to attend the courses, and what’s more: They can perform the training during low activity periods on site. E-learning is a very cost-efficient way of developing competences.

Onsite training

We bring the training to you
Instead of having your technicians travelling to the training center, we can also come to your site. This means you are saving travel costs as only one person instead of several must take a flight, as well as all the other travelling costs and administration expenses (for example applying for visas). “We saved around £3,000-£5,000 from having on-site training delivered in the UK”, says an onsite customer from the UK.

“We have received multiple on-site trainings, such as the Advanced Rescue training, and all have been quick and easy to coordinate and execute”, says Another customer from Australia
A few facts about the on-site training concept
  • If the training requires specialized equipment or assets, a training center will provide these in close coordination with the site.
  • All trainings are executed by highly experienced and competent Siemens Gamesa trainers, which ensures quality and uniform training that is in compliance with the highest industry standards.
  • We can bring some equipment, the majority of it should be provided by the recipient, including potentially a turbine.

If you want to know more about the on-site training option, please contact one of our training centers

Onsite training allows our technicians to get trained in the comfort of familiar surroundings on technology that they will be required to work on, with the added benefit of not spending time and money on flights, accommodation, visas and allowances. This in turn means that our techs are far more productive with no time lost due to travelling – all-in-all a much more efficient solution.

Emile Lewis
Operations Manager, South Africa

Our trainings

More than 100 trainings: Safety first – technology also
From First Aid to Highly Technical Trainings
Concerning safety, we offer basic and general trainings such as “GWO First Aid”, which aims to theoretically and practically train situations that can occur in the wind turbine. More specialized courses such as “GWO Advanced Rescue Training” are for example crucial for technicians who work in special work zones on the turbine. Our technical courses are also executed with a high focus on safety both during the training session as well as the work on site.
Safety training in a Siemens Gamesa wind training center
Service technicians maintaining a wind turbine
From turbine installation to trouble shooting

The technical trainings are divided into basic technical training and advanced technical training. Basic technical training is available to everyone, while there are restrictions on the advanced technical training. In our different customer orientation courses, external customers with an active contract receive information concerning the technology of either geared turbines or direct drive turbines.

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