Siemens Gamesa's crucial role in the green energy transition is recognized with top S&P Global Ratings ESG evaluation

  • S&P highlights Siemens Gamesa’s cutting edge technological solutions to tackle green energy challenges and bring significant environmental benefits to its customers
  • The company achieved a final score of 84/100 and is ranked #5 worldwide and #1 in Spain. Siemens Gamesa is the first wind turbine manufacturer to receive this evaluation from S&P
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Siemens Gamesa works to tackle the greatest challenge of our generation – the climate crisis. The company’s crucial contribution of providing clean energy solutions to decarbonize the economy has been recognized through S&P’s ESG evaluation, which analyzes its performance in terms of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities.

Siemens Gamesa achieved a score of 84 out of 100, placing it #5 in the worldwide league table and #1 in Spain among public ESG evaluations. Siemens Gamesa is the first wind turbine manufacturer to receive this evaluation from S&P.

This ESG analysis reflects that Siemens Gamesa is well prepared to face future challenges in the industry. Its cutting-edge technological solutions bring significant environmental benefits to its customers in the global transition toward a more sustainable and low-carbon economy.

“Our work is making a difference in the world. We are proud to be recognized as a best-in-class company in terms of ESG performance. This type of evaluation will be a reference for future green and sustainable financing, promoting transparent reporting and inspiring us to continue collaborating with our stakeholders in creating shared and sustained value,” said Beatriz Puente, CFO of Siemens Gamesa.

“Globally, Siemens Gamesa holds the top 1 and 2 positions, respectively, per cumulative installations in offshore and onshore wind. These leading market positions provide the company with the scale and resources required for constant research and development investments to help meet its customers' evolving needs to reduce their environmental impact and maximize turbine efficiency,” said S&P analysts Luisina Berberian and Maria Vinokur speaking on the evaluation. “Finally, we view Siemens Gamesa’s governance practices as in line with the relatively high governance standards of the countries in which it operates.”

Siemens Gamesa is evaluated by renowned ESG rating agencies, achieving a top-ranking and percentile in most of them, including VigeoEiris, ISS ESG, FTSE Russell, Sustainalytics and MSCI ESG, in addition to S&P Global. SGRE is recognized for its excellent ESG performance as it is a member of such indexes as Dow Jones Sustainability Index® (World & Europe), FTSE4Good®, Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index®, Euronext® Vigeo and the Ethibel Sustainability Index® families.


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