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Shaping the digital ecosystem to lead the renewable energy revolution

Digital Ventures Lab

Digital Ventures Lab fosters digital transformation across SGRE and the whole wind industry by creating digital solutions that help our business to get the best of technology to accelerate sustainable energy development and clean future for all.

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Who we are

The Digital Ventures Lab (DVL) is where all SGRE functions run in parallel to support and drive our common efforts and initiatives, fueling SGRE's digital transformation. At DVL we remain focused on people and business opportunities while driving a digital strategy that creates a true advantage for SGRE, leading us into the future of digital offerings and optimized operating models.

DVL mission is to drive sustainable energy to a new level by combining:

  • Domain knowledge with digital technologies
  • Building partnerships
  • Leveraging open innovation
  • Empowering talents

Our focus
Value-adding offerings

We utilize existing data bases to generate added-value via the combination of our newly developed innovative solutions and new business models.

A company is an association or collection of individuals, whether natural persons, legal persons, or a mixture of both. This organization members share a common purpose and unite in order to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific and declared goals.

Product Optimization & Customization

Digital applications that increase efficiency and productivity. Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital twins aim to centralize inputs from various exchanges through designing, manufacturing, delivering and operating to avoid manual work and thus increase safety, reduce errors, improve machinery performance and help a smooth and performing operation.

Process Optimization and Automatization

Digital solutions developed to tailor wind turbines according to customer needs and requirements to reduce costs and optimize processes. Based on data analysis, 3D simulation models, innovative interfaces and collaboration platforms we are capable to develop optimal solutions that fit a particular geographical region and envision how a wind turbine system should be designed, manufactured and installed.

Transparency and Productivity Support

Digital solutions that improve operations, products and service that will enable SGRE to improve profitability of existing business and seize new business opportunities. Through a wider range of insights and transparency on the daily processes we can establish best practices, show dependencies, diagnose inefficiencies and empower the whole ecosystem to better working environment.

Continuous innovation, powered by digital technology, enables solutions that go beyond the classical product portfolio and aims to equip Siemens Gamesa’s customers with deeper insights into the technical and commercial performance of their projects.
Digital Open Innovation

Digital technologies enhance communication across entire organizations and networks. Creating the architecture and capabilities required to serve different users and clients demand an extensive and highly specialized knowledge in different fields such as AI, machine learning, remote sensing data, data science, cloud computing, cyber security.

By partnering up with third parties we are able to create a strong ecosystem that fosters innovative R&D and develops world class digital tools for our business that will impact the entire renewable energy industry.

Meet the team

We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. In our culture of trust, we focus on empowerment, diversity and continuous learning. Valuing our people is what makes us one global team, with our colleagues’ safety at the heart of our organization.

The Digital Ventures Lab provides access to a unique ecosystem of digital natives, data sciences, developers, universities, startups, and other corporates & partners to accelerate the digital transformation of Siemens Gamesa.

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