2nd Life for Power Plants

using Electric Thermal Energy Storage (ETES)

Shaping the energy transition
Convert fossil fired power plants into renewable storage plants. The ETES technology provides a second life option for existing assets and makes them ready for a sustainable future.
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Nominal power
Special features
Clean & safe
Key facts
  • Securing continued operation beyond carbon phase out
  • Integrate renewable energies into existing power plants
  • Scalable and modular to meet the necessary requirements of the power plant and customer needs
Recommended for

Fossil fired power plants like coal, oil, gas or biomass fired plants (2nd life option)

Added value
Maintain value by offering a 2nd life for existing assets
Provide a capacity backup in case of low RE generation (up to several GWh)
Tap new revenue streams with new business models
Meet increasing flexibility requirements coming with the growing share of RE
ETES integration for partial or full switch
  • Secure continued operation with up to no CO2 emissions
  • Avoid closing down power plants
  • Maintain jobs and keep knowledge in the company
  • Second life option for major share of the existing power plant infrastructure
  • Minimize CAPEX by reusing existing equipment
Technological highlights
ETES is based on mature and proven technology. The non-hazardous materials and the feasible process parameters enable a secure and safe process operation.
Abundantly available and low-cost storage material, with the possibility to use storage modules, leads to significant economies of scale.
Due to the used materials and the operating conditions, the barriers to get permission for installation are very low. In combination with the geographical flexibility ETES is highly available for integration.
How the ETES team can support you?
Individual Assessment

Customer-specific advice through:

  • Technical workshops with our experts
  • Analysis of potential applications and identification of the best use case
  • First technical setup and commercial evaluation
Full Feasibility Study

Joint working group for:

  • In-depth analysis of the previously defined use case
  • Conceptual engineering and business case calculation
  • Basis for decision making
Project Realization

Dedicated project team for:

Project Management
Basic and detailed engineering
Erection and commissioning of the storage plan


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