Update older wind turbines with Energy Thrust

Energy Thrust

Energy output upgrade

Increase annual energy output up to 5%
The Energy Thrust solution enables older wind turbines, updated with the latest state of the art technology, to perform like new ones. Wind turbine performance is improved, increasing annual energy production by up to 5%.
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Production increase
+ 5% AEP
Customer benefit
Key Facts
  • The additional energy is obtained through the adaptation of each turbine to the specific wind conditions of its location
  • No risk, as you invest in a validated and implemented solution
  • If the improvement does not generate an increase in production, no payment is required
  • Both the solution and measurement method are certified by DNV GL
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All Siemens Gamesa 850 kW and 2.0 MW wind turbines

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Power Curve Upgrade
High Wind Ride Through
Power boost function
Overhaul program
Performance improves in all ranges of the power curve
Track Record
Energy Thrust has been installed in more than 7,300 MW of our onshore fleet and was first deployed in our oldest wind turbine platform with 710 kW. Find the top 10 projects with the greatest increase in profitability below. The average earnings after implementing Energy Thrust exceed 5% for the 850 kW platform and 2.5% for the 2.0 MW platform.
2.0 MW Platform
Country Region Gain
Mexico Oaxaca 5.61%
Portugal Grande Lisboa 4.04%
Mexico Oaxaca 3.84%
Spain León 3.70%
Huelva 3.24%
850 kW Platform
Country Region Gain
France Côtes-d’Armor 5.56%
Italy Agrigento 5.48%
Spain Teruel 5.46%
Pontevedra 5.29%
Granada 5.29%
Getting more out of your turbine’s location

A software and firmware update in the Siemens Gamesa 850 kW and 2.0 MW platforms adapts the wind turbine to its location, improving its performance in all ranges of the power curve.

Benefits should start on day one, with production increases of up to 5%. The independent assurance provider DNV GL has endorsed both the improvements and the production measurement methodology. Investing in Energy Thrust improvements brings no risk to our customers: if there’s no increase in production, there will be no charge.

Energy Thrust is just one in a range of solutions designed to reduce the cost of energy in existing wind turbines and improve the business case of our customers.

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This service offering is part of a comprehensive portfolio that we have compiled over three decades of wind service tradition. At Siemens Gamesa, turbines and operational services come from a single source to make it easy for you to get the maximum performance out of your wind power plants.
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