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Future-ready, set, go!
It’s one thing to ensure the best performance at all times. And another to increase the optimum further. With MySite360, our new modular, scalable and cybersecure digital solution, we strive to offer both. Profit from advanced energy management, grid management, asset management and cybersecurity – across hybrid energy sources! Available for all new sites, onshore and offshore, the MySite360 solution allows you to digitally scale services with your growing business – and to set the course for the future.
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Data makes the difference


Proper decision making needs reliable data. MySite360 provides you with complete, accurate data – live and historical data – for a 360 degree insight into your operations. This means: you can track and analyze performance at any time, manage your assets remotely and ultimately maximize plant availability.


Meet the demands of tomorrow, today


MySite360 is a suite of services built exactly to your needs. Think beyond turbines and create virtual power plants, add storage capabilities and integrate other sources of power. The unique design will help mitigate the future demands in different renewable energy capabilities and marks a paradigm shift to hybrid generation.


Move ahead; stay safe and compliant


MySite360 offers a comprehensive range of embedded features that ensure grid compliance and a high level of reliability. The modular architecture with separated components and decoupled feature design reduces the risk of cyberattacks while enabling operation with a high level of automation. Ultimately, both are ensured: maximum performance and reliability – at the highest level of cybersecurity

Energy Management


Output Boost
Boost the performance and increase annual energy production

Uptime Increase
Ensure uptime during challenging weather conditions

Hybrid Upgrades
Integration of other generators and assets

Grid Management


Grid Operations 
Features ensuring grid compliance and a high level of reliability

Grid Integration 
System integrations performed in the event of major changes to the grid to secure continuous reliability

Grid Control 
Providing operators with knowledge to perform control activities to secure stability of the grid 




Asset Management


Monitoring and Control 
To manage and generate production, alarm/event and security related reports

Asset Protection 
Protect the asset from harsh climates and ensure optimum availability

Data Access 
Unparalleled amounts of data available to maximize performance and revenue

Environmental Control 
Optimize the energy production based on external circumstances

Condition Monitoring 
Market defining drivetrain damage detection to increase first time fix rates



Checks systems and components to ensure no possible malicious actions

Keep your power plant protected and ensure reliable operation

Respond and Recover 
Full backup of servers and systems to enable fast restore of the system

Automatic reporting and notification in real time of alarms and events




Which services are just right for you – let’s find out together!


Want to know more about MySite360?
Here, we provide answers to the most common questions.

MySite360 unites different services in one interface. For building your suite of services exactly to your needs, we connect only those modules (physical or virtual) relevant to suit your operational requirements.
24/7 access to data will provide you with key insights allowing you to plan your actions in a timely and proactive manner, enabling optimum operation of your wind farm and thereby maximizing your turbine’s availability.
We can gather data across several renewable energy sources from wind to solar and Power to X – we have you covered!
No, it is so much more than that! SCADA is just one part of the architecture of MySite360, which also includes other systems, such as, but not limited to, condition monitoring systems and power plant control. MySite360 is a suite of features and services built on the possibilities for digitally interacting with different modules of your site and other modules that can be digitally connected to enhance performance, security or functionality.
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