As 100GW ambition reached, onshore wind must drive a net zero future

Madrid / 8 April 2022

The time to accelerate net zero action plans is now. In the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed at COP26, world leaders committed to reducing carbon emissions to prevent global temperatures exceeding 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels by the end of this century. While it is a cause for optimism that governments, organizations, industries, and individuals are setting targets to tackle climate change, decisive words must be met with committed action if the world is to stem the impending climate crisis.
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At Siemens Gamesa, we have been at the forefront of the action needed to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable alternatives to fossil fuels for decades. In early 2020, as a business, we reached 100GW of installed wind energy capacity. However, that only sought to power our ambitions towards building a better future for generations to come. We recently reached 100GW of installed wind energy capacity from onshore alone, a major achievement for our global team, customers, partners and our wider community.

Hitting this milestone, coupled with the last fiscal year bringing in record volumes for Siemens Gamesa’s onshore installations of 8.2GW, demonstrate the importance of onshore wind to meeting net zero. To mark this milestone we are launching our #Onshore2NetZero initiative.
Onshore reached 100GW of installed wind energy capacity
Around the world, countries are taking notice of the power of wind in curbing climate change. From Germany aiming to exit coal-fired power by 2030 in favor of wind, to the Spanish government predicting that the installed capacity of wind turbines will almost double by 2030, the potential of onshore wind is still untapped. For our part, Siemens Gamesa is fully committed to installing more onshore capacity, with 2021 seeing over 2GW installed in the USA and Canada alone, as well as several new installations across Vietnam, Brazil, Sweden, India, and Egypt.
While we kickstarted 2022 with this 100GW achievement, we realize there are challenges we must overcome to make our vision of a neto zero future a reality. From uncovering new ways to extract the maximum potential of wind energy through alternative fuels like green hydrogen to making wind energy even more efficient and dependable, our work is far from finished. That is why, in the coming weeks through #Onshore2NetZero, we will recognize our achievement and some of the technology, people, projects and partners that will help us further unlock the potential of onshore wind.
People with passion
It is thanks to our hard-working community, all of whom share a common vision of a clean future, that we have achieved such scale in onshore wind. Our employees, customers and partners represent some of the boldest and most creative change-makers, pioneers, and innovators. The renewable industry is where great talent lives, and we want to celebrate the people behind the scenes that are working tirelessly each day to deliver a better future by understanding what motivates them. We also want to encourage future talent from all backgrounds to join our industry and help drive the transition to a sustainable world.
Technology that matters
With #Onshore2NetZero, we will celebrate the role technology has played in driving the green transition. Technological innovation holds and will continue to form a crucial role in propelling onshore wind to even greater significance in the future. Siemens Gamesa has come a long way since the first onshore project was installed in 1981 with a 22kW turbine with 10-meter long blades to the installation of the first 5.X platform at Skaftäsen in Sweden in last year. The SG 6.6-155 turbines at the site are 33 times more powerful and 15 times larger than the turbines first installed forty years ago, and they are a testament to the role of technology innovation in combating the climate crisis. 
We are proud of the strong partnerships developed as part of our #Onshore2NetZero journey
Even so, there is still further to go if we as an industry are to unlock the full potential of onshore wind, and technology will form a key pillar of industry strategy in the decades to come.
Driving the green energy transition in partnerships
A shared and common goal is what drives momentum, and we are proud of the strong partnerships developed as part of our #Onshore2NetZero journey. The vision we share with our partners and customers of a future in which wind energy has a positive and sustained impact not just on the electricity market, but also on local communities, has led to some incredible achievements over 2021. As well as expanding our onshore presence in North America, Brazil, and Egypt, we are developing more powerful projects in India and driving an emerging wind sector in Vietnam. In Vietnam, combined projects of 177MW recently installed are set to provide electricity to approximately 248,000 citizens and create many jobs for the local communities.

Please join us as we recognize this important milestone, but equally as we look to the future, by getting involved in the #Onshore2NetZero conversation. We can only achieve a greener, cleaner and more sustainable world together.


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