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Siemens Gamesa is leading the way for a sustainable future with the RecyclableBlade, the first product to offer a comprehensive recyclable solution that is ready for commercial use both offshore and onshore.


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Pioneering turbine recyclability

As the number of installations and turbine sizes continue to increase, the call for wind circularity is becoming ever more important, with some countries planning to introduce strict requirements for wind turbine recycling.

There are established recycling practices for many turbine components, such as the tower and nacelle. However, the composite materials used in rotor blades have been more challenging to recycle.

The wind industry is still relatively young and is aware of the responsibility it holds of finding a sustainable way to deal with wind turbine components at the end of their life cycle. Increasing the recyclability of the wind components is high on our agenda, and we are committed to producing 100% recyclable turbines by 2040.


RecyclableBlade – Taking responsibility. Blade by blade

Previously, the industry has not been able to recycle wind turbine blades upon decommissioning, resulting in blades ending up as landfill. Now, thanks to our pioneering RecyclableBlade technology, the materials from our RecyclableBlade can be recycled and reused in other industries to the benefit of future generations.

The RecyclableBlade is the first product to offer a comprehensive recyclable solution and is ready for commercial use. These wind turbine blades can now be transformed into other applications across various industries, providing streams of recycled materials for use in different manufacturing processes. A groundbreaking step towards creating a waste-free future for the wind industry.

Siemens Gamesa RecyclableBlades leaving Hull for the Kaskasi offshore development 

RecyclableBlade is a simple, and robust solution, developed through technological ingenuity. The only change to the blade production process is our new resin. This means that scaling up production and rolling out this recyclable product is not only possible, it is already a reality! The first blades have already been installed in 2021.



Other projects
Siemens Gamesa backs WindEurope’s call for a Europe-wide ban on landfilling turbine blades by 2025. We also advocate for industry wide international standards on product decommissioning and recycling. We are a long-standing leader in numerous industry consortia and research projects to support the development of a circular economy. Some examples of these include DecomBlades, FiberEUse and GenVind.

We focus both on finding ways to demonstrate commercial value chains for thermoset rotor blades that are already installed in our fleet as well as investigating new materials with enhanced circularity for our future blades.


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