Renewable Hydrogen Demonstrator

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Renewable Hydrogen Demonstrator
Siemens Gamesa continues exploring ways to extract the maximum potential for wind through energy storage in order to enhance the dependability of this energy source. New innovations such as developments in the production of hydrogen or storage facilities will not only boost the potential of onshore wind but will help decarbonize heavy industry and mobility sectors.
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Siemens Gamesa has a well-defined strategy around green hydrogen and considers that wind will be at the center of the green hydrogen revolution. Although green hydrogen is currently more expensive than conventional hydrogen production from fossil fuels, the results of ambitious projects like this one will contribute to bring down the cost while demonstrating the economical/technical efficiency of such hybrid generation systems.

The purpose of the Renewable Hydrogen Demonstrator project is to install a first-of-a-kind full-scale wind-to-X demonstrator and to develop the wind plant controller that will manage the integrated system. The project will integrate an electrolyzer, a battery storage system and an innovative control system on an existing post-subsidy onshore wind farm, in order to be able to utilize the wind power for green hydrogen and/or electricity production, while simultaneously delivering critical services to the grid.

The Renewable Hydrogen Demonstrator will demonstrate the potential of existing and new wind farms to become hydrogen outlets and grid services providers (Frequency Containment Reserve, Black Start, Grid Forming, Island mode…), which will allow them to diversify and increase their revenues and, as a whole, increase the share of renewables.

The demonstrator will be deployed to fit the Danish onshore wind park Kragerup Gods (Zealand, Denmark), which is a 15 MW wind park consisting of 5 x 3.0 MW Siemens Gamesa wind turbine of the model (specific turbine model: SWT-3.0-113 DD), operated by the Estate, Kragerup Gods. The demonstrator will be able to produce ~15GWh per year, ~700-900 tons of H2 per year, while providing grid service capacity.

The Renewable Hydrogen Demonstrator project is divided in two subprojects:

  • Subproject 1, aiming at developing and installing a full-scale wind-to-Hydrogen/Electricity demonstrator. This activity falls into Article 41 of the State Aid GBER.
  • Subproject 2, aiming at developing the plant controller that will be able to manage, in a coordinated and smart way, not only the wind farm, but all the new added assets (i.e. electrolyzer, battery system). This activity falls into Article 25 of the State Aid GBER.

The Renewable Hydrogen Demonstrator project will run from April 25th 2022 until August 31st 2023, with a budget of 11.9 million euro, with the EU Regional Development Fund contributing and the Danish Board of Business Development administering the budget. 

Project information
Project start date 2022.04.22
Project end date 2023.12.31
Funding body The European Regional Development Fund
Administrating body Danish Board of Business Development
EU funding 4,9 million €
Total budget 11,9 million €
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