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Blade services

Care for the crucial part

Ensure everlasting energy production
Blades have a direct impact on the quantity as well as the cost of the MWh your turbines produce. These most expensive and vulnerable components face extreme loads and weather conditions. Thus, professional care is crucial.
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Blade Repairs & Upgrades
Dedicated experts worldwide
Average repair time
4 hours
Technologies applied
Key Facts
  • Blades are the most expensive components of a wind turbine
  • They face extreme loads and changing weather conditions
  • Our service offers optimal blade condition and performance
  • State-of-the-art maintenance combines drones and artificial intelligence
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Onshore and offshore wind turbines worldwide

Blade Service products
Blade inspections: Reporting and assessment
Blade repairs
Blade Integrity Management
Blade upgrades and updates
Hermes artificial intelligence

Visual Based Asset Integrity

Ensuring blade health to last a lifetime

Siemens Gamesa has developed Visual Based Asset Integrity, a web-based platform that combines Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and blade expert knowledge to provide accurate, actionable insight on blade condition status for individual wind turbines as well as the whole fleet. It is a digital solution designed to support customers in optimizing blade performance, ensuring life-time blade health and reducing O&M cost related blade services.

Empowering the right decision making through a very easy to use platform
Blade services include technology like drones
Based on raw inspection data stored in the cloud a virtual replica of the blade is stitched together. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are applied to damage finding and categorization of severity. These findings combined with human experts provides the right actionable advice to make repair and maintenance decisions today and for the future blade faults.

Blade Integrity Management (BIM)

Keep your rotor blades healthy

The Siemens Gamesa Blade Integrity Management service module offers a thorough assessment of the condition of the blade by our experts. It can minimize downtime and improve turbine performance. BIM comes in two different variations:

  • BIM I (Inspection): Following a comprehensive inspection plan, Siemens Gamesa issues a validated status report on the condition of the blades including an assessment and prioritization of blade repairs that will be necessary in the future.
  • BIM R&M (Repairs and Monitoring): We observe the performance of the blade in response to the conditions during inspections and any implemented repair. This includes the planning and prioritization of necessary tasks, the execution of repair work, and further monitoring of non-critical findings.
Thorough protection for blades

Safeguard your leading edge for life

PowerEdge™ Care

This durable and cost-optimized leading edge protection mitigates the impact of erosion to the leading edge. PowerEdge™ Care is a lifetime solution and thereby prevents reoccurring repairs, minimizes the turbine’s downtime and provides an AEP upside relative to eroded blades.

  • Optimized application method: Rope technicians install flexible pre-casted shells, to the desired length. A liquid adhesive is used to apply the shells directly onto the eroded surface of the blades, eliminating the need for repairing non-structural damage to the leading edge – thereby saving on installation time, steps and materials.
  • Best-in-class: The product has been extensively tested and exhibits best-in-class performance in terms of erosion resistance, adhesion strength and aerodynamic impact. The overall solution is validated by Siemens Gamesa and ongoing certification by DNV GL.
Leading edge protection by Siemens Gamesa
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The solutions we provide are driven by the benefits they deliver. This applies as much to our pursuit of absolute safety as to maximizing your return. Whether by inventing a new technology, evolving an existing product, or simply finding a smarter way of working, we strive to lower costs and raise returns on investments.
Our experts are on hand to help with any questions you have. Email us, or login to our customer service portals. Here you’ll be able to monitor configuration, production, and agreements for your wind power plants, and find relevant news from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.
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This customer service portal enables you to monitor configuration, production, and agreements for any wind power plant supplied by former Siemens Wind Power.
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Customers of former Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica products can access an intuitive repository of reports and management tools to improve the efficiency of their wind turbines and wind farms on the following platform:
This service offering is part of a comprehensive portfolio that we have compiled over three decades of wind service tradition. At Siemens Gamesa, turbines and operational services come from a single source to make it easy for you to get the maximum performance out of your wind power plants.
Diagnostic services for wind turbines


Turning data into valuable knowledge
Turning data into valuable knowledge

Diagnostics help to predict, detect and fix issues remotely, and proactively plan service visits.

> 85% fix rate

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Update older wind turbines with Energy Thrust

Energy Thrust

Increase energy production by up to 5%
Increase energy production by up to 5%

Update older wind turbines with the latest Energy Thrust technology and see them perform like new ones.

+ 5% AEP

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Life Extension

Extend the life of your fleet
Extend the life of your fleet

Guarantee the safety and availability of your upgraded turbine until year 30, adding 10 more years of income.

+10 years

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Multibrand services for wind turbines


Expertise extended to third-party fleets
Expertise extended to third-party fleets

Our multibrand services bring operational excellence and advanced analytics to all your wind turbine makes.

37+ years
98% uptime

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Service offshore logistics

Offshore logistics

Smooth service on the rough seas
Smooth service on the rough seas

Service operation vessels are revolutionizing the offshore market by cutting maintenance costs.

90% uptime

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Service for Senvion wind turbines
Service for Senvion wind turbines

Our engineers have developed a series of performance enhancing hardware and software technologies to further improve the performance of your Senvion turbines. Each feature can achieve subsequently an increase in Annual Energy Production (AEP). You can choose the feature which delivers the highest increase in output based on site-specific conditions or combine them to benefit from the aggregate increase in AEP.


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