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Our remote diagnostics approach is unique, advanced and deeply implemented: We've developed a set of digital tools supporting the service of your assets. We give you all the relevant data to get the best out of your wind turbine with our cutting edge Model Based Diagnostics.
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  • We maintain the industry’s largest amount of historical data
  • Troubleshooting advice with an accuracy of at least 97 percent
  • Algorithms filter out costly false-positives and insignificant deviations
  • Precise data analysis by strong personnel and O&M experience
  • Digital services include optimizing operations, performance boosting applications, and dynamic business models
  • Highest levels of turbine health by autonomous drones, robots and forecasting tools
  • Customers achieve higher yield and a remarkable LCoE
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Turning powerful insights into smarter wind power
Higher yield and an average turbine availability of 97%

By model based diagnostics we gather data from around 6.000.000 sensors from turbines worldwide and create 1.500.000 individual digital models out of it. The system flags around 250.000 deviations per year. But which of these positives correspond to real-life faults?

Our algorithms filter out the costly false-positives and insignificant deviations. This drops the count of significant deviations that need to be adressed to aproximately 8.000 site visits a year. In fact: we don’t need to follw false-positives and your average turbine needs to be visited less often.

And the implementation won’t stop there: From service technicians reports to analyzing damage parts, it all feeds back into an ever-learning knowledge base supporting all kinds of digital tools.

Diagnostic service products
You’ll know when to act, with 24/7 monitoring of your SCADA and turbine alarms. If an alarm is detected, we’ll quickly email you and your site personnel with guidance on what action is needed.
Constant monitoring means that, when an alarm is detected, we apply knowledge-based alarm rules to quickly and accurately reset and restart a turbine without a site visit. Statistics and notification reports are shared for example on Wind Dialogue.
With the latest software on turbine controllers, interface computers, SCADA, park regulation, condition monitoring systems and more, production can be optimized and bugs fixed, for better performance, and improved stability.
For issues that can’t be solved by remote alarm management, we provide access to the relevant experts for troubleshooting. On request we can remotely identify the cause and try to fix it remotely, or suggest on-site actions.
This detection service recognizes any changes in your wind turbine generator from the parameters defined in its profile. We’ll notify you by email and correct these abnormalities on your approval.

By picking up vibrations on turbine components, sensors can lower the risk of slow- and fast-developing damages by early detection, and optimize maintenance strategies – such as automatic turbine shutdown or preventive repair. This helps to save service costs and reduce downtime.

A market leading condition monitoring solution enabling improved detection capabilities on drivetrain components.

With smart use of data and cutting edge machine learning capabilities or condition monitoring solution make early detection up to 3 years in advance on fast and slow developing damages.

Our service can be offered in a passive and active mode to suit your service requirements.

To ensure smooth and reliable operations, our diagnostic center updates all protected endpoints daily and monitors sites 24/7, using a quarantining function to prevent threats from spreading.
Excessive wear on gears and bearings can lead to gearbox breakdowns. By detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles in the gear oil and connecting the oil particle counter to the condition monitoring system, we can help to prevent costly turbine failures.
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The solutions we provide are driven by the benefits they deliver. This applies as much to our pursuit of absolute safety as to maximizing your return. Whether by inventing a new technology, evolving an existing product, or simply finding a smarter way of working, we strive to lower costs and raise returns on investments.
Our experts are on hand to help with any questions you have. Email us, or login to our customer service portals. Here you’ll be able to monitor configuration, production, and agreements for your wind power plants, and find relevant news from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.
Wind Dialogue
This customer service portal enables you to monitor configuration, production, and agreements for any wind power plant supplied by former Siemens Wind Power.
Customer Portal
Customers of former Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica products can access an intuitive repository of reports and management tools to improve the efficiency of their wind turbines and wind farms on the following platform:
This service offering is part of a comprehensive portfolio that we have compiled over three decades of wind service tradition. At Siemens Gamesa, turbines and operational services come from a single source to make it easy for you to get the maximum performance out of your wind power plants.
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