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Lifetime upgrade

Adding 10 years of income
The Life Extension program consists of monitoring and structural upgrades that can guarantee the availability of your wind turbines until year 30, giving greater control over operation and maintenance costs and streamlining the cost of energy.
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+10 years
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Key Facts
  • Safety and availability of the upgraded turbine until year 30, ensuring 10 additional years of income
  • Full control over operation and maintenance costs in years 20-30, increasing the net asset value
  • The Life Extension program is available for aging Siemens Gamesa fleet and some third-party wind turbines
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All Siemens Gamesa 660 kW, 850 kW, and 2.0 MW wind turbines

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Energy Thrust
Power Curve Upgrade
Power boost function
Overhaul program
Reconditioning of major components
Bring the latest design improvements to your existing fleet
Expertise supported by monitoring and diagnostics
Siemens Gamesa joined the advisory council for the EU-sponsored SafeLife-X project, developing solutions for minimizing the ageing of industrial infrastructure.
Siemens Gamesa's Life Extension program is underpinned by analysis of the fatigue and re-engineering of the 660 kW platform's structural parts, the 28,000 wind turbines monitored by our service engineers, and their own expertise. This know-how is rounded out with a monitoring and diagnostics system that identifies abnormal behavior by parts affected by cumulative fatigue. This means we can develop high-spec solutions and tailor them to our customers' needs across the 850 kW and 2.0 MW platforms, and even to wind turbines made by other manufacturers. Life Extension is just one in a range of solutions designed to reduce the cost of energy in existing wind turbines and improve the business case of our customers.
Aging fleet highlight products
Turbine Overhaul modernizes aging turbines, using today's technology to replace all their major electrical components and electronics.
Blades, gearboxes, and generators can last longer by reconditioning or replacement with the latest technology. We subject each component to bench tests at full load to guarantee an extended life, thereby enhancing the turbine’s performance while reducing risk and maintenance costs.
The Energy Thrust solution enables older wind turbines, updated with the latest state of the art technology, to perform like new ones. Wind turbine performance is improved, increasing annual energy production by up to 5%.
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